Share your screen


ScreenMeet is the first and only way to share your Android screen live over the Internet. View instantly on any device with no download. With your ScreenMeet URL, you can share your screen and show off your Android apps.

ScreenMeet. It just works! Free for up to 5 viewers. Available on PC and MAC at

Who Uses ScreenMeet?
• Sales and Marketing Professionals use it to demo apps and show PPT's
• Account Management and Training use it for e-learning, training and troubleshooting apps
• Everyone else uses it to:
· Share pictures real-time
· Share everything their camera can see
· Allow others to watch them play games
· Share anything they can see on their screens
· Write a review and tell us how you use it or email

• Screen share from any Android device (PC and MAC available at
• View on any device with no app
• 1 Click to attend. No download required
• Permanent, personalized URL for your ScreenMeet sessions
• Password protect your sessions
• Know exactly who’s attending your ScreenMeet with “Ask for Name”
• Remove any attendee with “Kick Out”