FAQr is the ultimate FAQ reading application for Android. You just search for the name of the game, select the platform and the FAQ, and then it will be downloaded and available for you offline whenever you need it in an easy to use format.


It used to be that reading ASCII based FAQs on a mobile or tablet device could be a pain. Finally we have the right tool for the job!

★ FAQr always keeps track of your current position in the FAQ
★ FAQr you can bookmark locations in the just by long pressing on that section
★ FAQr automagically configures your reader's font sizes and screen configuration
★ FAQr gives you fast scrolling to quickly access any part of the FAQ
★ FAQr has custom themes so you can read how you want to
★ FAQr saved the FAQ for convenient offline reading no matter where you are


★ FAQr is not affiliated with GameFAQs.com in any way.
★ FAQr hasn't been tested on every FAQ. Contact before simply leaving a poor review.


★ Featuring the Final Fantasy IV FAQ by Johnathan 'Zy' Sawyer
★ Using StickyListHeaders developed by Emil Sjölander
★ Uses Jsoup HTML Parser by Jonathan Hedley




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