Baby Sleep Tracker


Designed by parents for parents.

Version 2 adds the much asked for ability to add and edit times. Free to install and completely ad free!

Version 2.5 has a new darker theme to make it easier on the eyes late at night, a summary of sleep and awake times for each day and the ability to export your data.

While trying to get our baby to sleep through the night we decided to track her sleeping patterns using pen and paper. This lasted one whole night. Well, maybe half a night. Bleary eyed at 4am is no time to turn on the light, find the pen and paper and write down the time.

This handy app can run on your phone sitting on your nightstand. When your baby wakes up just hit the big "Woke Up" button, when she falls asleep hit "Fell Asleep".

That's it!

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* Perfect! Bravo!! Simple and easy. Thanks! Просто и удобно. Спасибо! Обалденная полезняшка для родителей
* Very useful tool.
* Fantastic! So simple and useful... Just what I was trying and failing to monitor with a notepad.

Click on the "Charts" tab to see the visual depiction of your baby's sleep habits.

* Watch as your newborn's chaotic sleep schedule becomes your toddler's orderly sleep-through-the-night pattern.

* Find out how long each day your baby sleeps.

* Track bed times and wake up times.

* Notice patterns in night time wake ups.

* Easy to use intuitive interface for those not-so-awake moments.

* Edit existing times or add new times, useful if you don't have your phone with you when baby falls asleep.

* You can now export your data to a .csv file and open it in something like Microsoft Excel. To do so go into the Chart tab and click the "Export Data" button. If successful it will create a file called "babysleeptracker.csv" on your SD card (not inside any folders). To view this file plug your phone into your computer and it should ask you if you'd like to browse the files.

Please comment or email any suggestions for updates, and if you enjoy the app, please rate it.